Term & Condition


  • The joining pin (Token) amount is $10.
  • You can apply 5 ids from one mobile number and one email.
  • You must be 18 years of age or older to participate in Social Success.
  • Level income 2 to 5 - 2%, 6 to 10 - 1%, 11 to Unlimited - 0.5%.
  • To take a level income, you must first refer 5 IDs.
  • The first link to provide help will be 20% and the second link will be 80%.
  • If you refer to Direct 10 ID within a month, you will get an extra $25 bonus.
  • Withdrawal at the id of $50 will be available month to month.
  • The first withdrawal at the id of $100 to $8000 will be available in 15-15 days gap and the remaining help month to month.
  • If you do not refer to 2 IDs within 30 days you will receive a 5% referral income and if you refer to 2 IDs you will receive a 7.5% referral income from the third ID.
  • Withdrawal of referral income and bonus income will take place on the 15th and 30th date of every month, with minimum withdrawal $ 10 and maximum withdrawal amount of $ 4000, which will be in multiple of $ 10.
  • After the second last withdrawal, please top up your ID with the same or higher amount in 7 days, otherwise, your ID will be blocked and you will not receive the last help amount.
  • If a member does not submit a Provided Help Link for any reason, the link will have to be paid to its sponsor.
  • This is a community financial support! Participate only with spare money Don't contribute all the money you have.
  • This is not magic, so first understand it well and then become part of this community. It will also be good for you and others.