Disclaimer Social-Success

ii FUND does not promote equity or lending based fund raising. We just work in 'donation' based fund raising.

Crowdfunding is a proven way to collect small amount of 'contributions' from a large number of people however this is not any kind of business or income opportunity. We try to accelerate your fund raising with our innovative methods but being a part of Social Success or any of the campaigns is 'purely optional'.

Our Contribution system is purely based on Crowdfunding and we make no claims or guarantees of contributions that your project will receive. Each individual's project success depends largely on his or her commitment, desire and personal efforts. Once the contribution is made, you can not retrieve it back so please go through the system carefully before deciding to contribute.

We encourage you to participate as well as we encourage you to take an informed decision. Your contribution that you donate to your invited person's project and is purely optional, non-refundable and a personal choice.